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The bag must fit well. That's all!

The super light school bags from Frii of Norway® are based on knowledge and expertise from many years of experience. General manager, Roy Kjøstvedt, has been working to develop good quality school bags for over 20 years. He knows what the criteria are for a bag with good carrying properties. Together with skilled designers and a chiropractor, they have developed new and modern ergonomic school bags with a focus on low weight.

Low weight is important
for good wearing comfort

The school bags from Frii of Norway® represent a breath of fresh air in a traditional market. The bags have all the functions a good school bag should have. It sits well on the child’s back. It has an internal aluminum dart that keeps the bag in the correct ergonomic shape, regardless of how much is carried, and it has an adjustable chest strap and hip belt.

The biggest difference from other bags with good carrying comfort is that the Frii of Norway bags have a net weight of approx. 840 grams. This is significantly lower than the competing school bags we have compared it with. A lighter backpack puts less strain on the child’s shoulders, neck and back.

Another advantage of the bags from Frii of Norway is that the rain cover is in a pocket at the bottom of the bag instead of at the top. This is an advantage in today’s society where a “mobile neck” or a “head leaning forward” presents greater and greater challenges, even for children. The child gets a freer and more mobile neck and head, and this also makes opening and closing the bag easier. From a professional point of view, I can safely recommend the school bags from Frii of Norway.

– Andrea Nordbø, Vital Chiropractic Sør


A lighter backpack puts less strain on the child’s shoulders, neck and back.

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